PETA’S Nearly Naked ‘Foxes’ Take To The Ice At London Eye With Anti-Fur Message

For Immediate Release:
21 December 2010

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London – Holding signs that read, “Bare Skin, Don’t Wear Skin”, and with their nearly nude bodies painted like foxes, two sexy models and PETA members turned heads today as they did laps at the London Eye ice rink. Their aim? To let people know that animal skin – whether it comes from foxes, sheep, dogs or rabbits – belongs to animals and is not fabric for jackets. As temperatures drop, PETA plans to warm the hearts of even the most cold-hearted fur-wearers with similar demonstrations throughout the winter.

“I’ll gladly bare my skin if it will help save animals’ skins”, says foxy model Victoria Eisermann. “With all of the stylish and toasty fashions that are available today, there’s absolutely no excuse for wearing fur.”

Animals who are trapped for their fur suffer excruciating pain, often for days, before having their chests stamped on or their necks broken by trappers. Beavers caught in underwater traps struggle frantically before drowning. On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages, where they suffer physical and psychological distress before being killed by poisoning, gassing, anal electrocution or neck-breaking. In China – which is now the world’s leading fur exporter – animals who are killed for their fur, including millions of cats and dogs, are often skinned alive.

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