PETA’S Nearly Naked Models Bring Parliament Square To Fever Pitch With Racy ‘Fur – Out, Love – In’ Event

For Immediate Release:
11 February 2011

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Edinburgh – Today, just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, four gorgeous lads and lasses from Superior Model Management brought some passion to Parliament Square by staging a steamy bed scene for passers-by. Wearing just enough to preserve their modesty and holding heart-shaped signs reading, “Fur – Out! Love – In!”, models Josie Smith, Lynsey Taylor, Brian Kearney and Jonathan Horn encouraged Edinburgh residents to have a heart by shunning fur.

Animals who are trapped for their fur suffer excruciating pain before they are killed by trappers, who stamp on the animals’ chests or break their necks. On fur farms, animals spend their entire lives in tiny, filthy cages before workers kill them by neck-breaking, gassing or anal electrocution. In China (which is now the world’s leading fur exporter), countless animals, including millions of cats and dogs, are killed for their fur – and many of them are skinned alive.

“We’re bringing our big hearts and bare skin to beautiful Edinburgh with the message that animals are not ours to wear”, says PETA vixen Josie Smith. “With all the stylish and sexy fashions that are available these days, there’s absolutely no excuse for wearing fur.”

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