Photos: Bikini-Clad Beauties Dish Up Free Vegan Ice Cream

For Immediate Release:
20 July 2016

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Lovely Ladies Encouraged Londoners to ‘Beat the Heat With Non-Dairy Treats’ London– Today, two PETA beauties decked out in sexy pinup-style bikinis and high heels handed out free vegan ice cream to Londoners trying to escape this week’s heat wave. Holding a sign that reads, “Beat the Heat With Non-Dairy Treats,” the ladies also aimed to help people beat three of the UK’s leading killers – heart disease, cancer, and strokes – by ditching meat, eggs, and dairy foods and choosing cholesterol- and cruelty-free vegan foods instead. Photos are available here, here, and here. “We hope these frozen dairy-free treats will help Londoners see how cool and delicious vegan desserts are”, says PETA Associate Director Elisa Allen. “With ice cream made from soya, almond, or coconut milk now readily available, going vegan has never been easier.”

Why are more people than ever staying away from dairy foods? Consuming cows’ milk has been linked to many serious health problems – including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity – and the dairy industry is also responsible for inflicting immeasurable suffering on cows and their calves. Calves are torn away from their mothers, who sometimes spend days looking for their missing offspring. When cows’ milk production wanes, they are sent to slaughter.

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