Photos: Caged Birds ‘Check Out’ of Rosewood London Hotel

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29 May 2020


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Photos: Caged Birds ‘Check Out’ of Rosewood London Hotel

PETA Transfers Six Finches and One Budgie to Essex Sanctuary

London – After learning from PETA that a hotel lobby is no place for highly intelligent, sensitive finches and budgies – who suffer particularly badly from stress – the iconic Rosewood London hotel confirmed it’ll no longer keep caged birds on the premises.

When the group contacted the hotel, it noted that the stress of being exposed to loud noises and lights at all hours while being stared at by strangers – who no doubt took photos of them using flash – could leave birds shaken and upset and could depress their immune systems.

PETA collected the birds and transferred them to a spacious aviary in Essex, where they’ll live out the rest of their days in peace. Video footage of PETA’s rehoming mission is available here, and photos are available here, here, and here.  

“By removing caged birds from the hotel lobby, Rosewood London has set a positive example for luxury hotels around the ,” says PETA Campaigns Officer Theodora Iona. “This decision sends the message that birds, like all wild animals, are born to be free and that treating living, feeling beings as decorative props will not be tolerated.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – notes that in nature, these birds thrive in large flocks, forage for food on the ground, raise their young in hollow trees, and – importantly – fly long distances daily. Captivity is harmful to birds. The Los Angeles Times reported that parrots “quickly become frustrated ‘perch potatoes’ in captivity. … Many end up obese and with serious behavioral problems such as screaming, biting and self-mutilation by plucking out their feathers”.

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