Photos: TV Star Lauren Pope Joins PETA to Donate Furs to Animal Sanctuary

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5 April 2016


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Coats Donated by Former Fur-Wearers Will Become Warm Bedding for Animals

Brentwood, Essex – TV star, entrepreneur and DJ Lauren Pope teamed up with PETA to make a special delivery to The Hopefield Animal Sanctuary: a bundle of fur coats given to PETA by people who had a change of heart about wearing fur. The sanctuary will use the discarded garments as bedding for the animals it cares for, some of whom are sick and injured.

Photos of the event are available here, here and here.

“We can’t bring back the animals who died for the coats, or change the fact that they were killed in horrible ways, but we can bring a little warmth to animals in need”, says Pope. “I want to encourage people to take advantage of PETA’s fur donation programme. Your kindness will go a long way!”

Through its fur donation programme, PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to wear” – also gives discarded fur coats to those in desperate need of warm clothing in homeless shelters and refugee camps.

As PETA’s recent fur exposé reveals, animals on fur farms are confined to cramped, filthy cages before they’re drowned, beaten, strangled, electrocuted and even skinned alive to produce fur coats, collars and cuffs. In China – the world’s largest exporter of fur – rabbits on fur farms are hung upside down, screaming and kicking, and forced to watch those ahead of them die violently before their own throats are cut.

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