Rail Workers Nab PETA Award for Rescuing Injured Swan

Rail Workers Nab PETA Award for Rescuing Injured Swan

Kettering – In recognition of their quick thinking in saving an injured swan who had been hit by a train, East Midlands Railway train driver Robert Buchanan and Network Rail Mobile Operations Manager Jim Filby have received framed Hero to Animals Awards from PETA.

According to reports, Buchanan jumped into action when he spotted the swan, who was injured after being hit by a freight train, on the Midland Main Line railway near Milton Ernest. He scooped up the injured bird, brought them aboard his train, and stopped off at Kettering station, where Filby took over and handed the swan over to a local animal rescue charity.

“I am surprised and delighted to receive this award from PETA,” says Buchanan. “Unbelievably, this isn’t the first swan I have rescued from a railway! I am thankful we were able to save this one and happy the swan is now safe and well.”

“It’s lovely to receive this award, and I’m grateful to PETA for it. However, I see it as being just part of my job,” says Filby. “It’s never nice to see any animal injured on the railway, so I’m really glad that we were able to work together to help this swan and get a positive outcome. They’re now in the safe hands of the team at Animals In Need, who will give them all the love and care they need.”

“The kind actions of Robert Buchanan and Jim Filby should inspire others throughout the community and beyond to come to the aid of animals in need,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “Network Rail and East Midlands Railway are fortunate to have workers who are ready to protect and serve both passengers and the wildlife who travel on their railways.”

For more information on helping wildlife in need, please click here or visit PETA.org.uk.


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