Rename Nottingham ‘Not-Eating-Ham’ For Christmas, PETA Asks Council

For Immediate Release:

12 December 2014


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Group Offers to Distribute Mock-Ham Snacks to Sweeten Proposal

Nottingham – Today, PETA sent a letter to Councillor Jon Collins with an unusual request: the group wants Collins to push Nottingham City Council to change the name of the city to “Not-Eating-Ham” for Christmas. PETA hopes Nottingham residents will embrace the spirit of the season – peace and goodwill to all – by choosing from the many delicious non-animal options for Christmas Day dinner. PETA has offered to distribute faux-ham roasts in the city centre if the council acts on the proposal.

“Devouring flesh is medieval, but on industrialised farms today, hundreds of millions of animals, who value their lives every bit as much as we value ours, needlessly suffer and die”, says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. “Changing the city’s name to ‘Not-Eating-Ham’ would promote a compassionate Christmas, and make it merry for animals as well as people.”

Meat, dairy products and eggs – all of which contain cholesterol and saturated fat – are the main culprits in the obesity epidemic, which contributes to some of the UK’s top killers: heart attacks, strokes, diabetes and cancer. According to the British Dietetic Association (the association of UK dietitians), a well-planned vegan diet can support healthy living at every age and life stage. Going vegan isn’t just good for your health: each person who goes vegan drastically reduces his or her carbon footprint and saves many animals a year from immeasurable suffering on factory farms, in abattoirs and on the decks of fishing boats.

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