Rodrigo Y Gabriela Strike A Chord In New PETA Ad

For Immediate Release:
August 18, 2010

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New York – “I consider animal rights also very linked to human rights and to environmental rights. For me, it’s just one issue,” says Rodrigo Sánchez, half of the dazzling and fast-paced acoustic guitar duo Rodrigo y Gabriela. So when the two vegans had a chance to star in a new pro-vegan campaign for their friends at PETA, they eagerly volunteered. In the ad, Gabriela Quintero and Sánchez are seated at a table, and the caption reads, “Human Rights = Animals Rights. Go Vegan.”

Sánchez – who recently stopped eating eggs and wearing leather – explains in an exclusive PETA US interview, “You can just start by cutting meat one day a week or two days a week. You become a little more compassionate. You think more about not just the animals but all – the hunger around the world, and, as Gabriela said before, I think this is one solution for many, many problems.”

Resources that could be used to grow food for human beings are being used to grow crops for farmed animals instead. It takes up to 16 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of edible animal flesh. In addition to causing massive animal suffering, meat production is a leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions, water pollution, and land degradation. Also, eating meat, eggs, and dairy products has been linked to heart disease, strokes, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The ad is part of PETA’s new series of vegetarian testimonials that star a growing list of musicians and other celebrities, including Sir Paul McCartney, Geezer Butler, Joss Stone, Bryan Adams, Phil Collen, and many more.

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