Sadie Frost Joins Macca And Alicia In PETA’S ‘I Am A Vegetarian’ Campaign

For Immediate Release:
3 June 2008

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London – Vegetarians are generally fitter and trimmer than non-vegetarians, says Sadie Frost. Sadie appears in a new 30-second PETA video debuting at today. One look at stunning Sadie – the mother of four super-healthy vegetarian kids – is worth a thousand words about the benefits of leaving meat off the plate.

“Animals killed for their flesh lead miserable lives”, says Sadie in the video. “The simplest little thing that you can do [to help] animals is just to not eat them. I’m bringing my four children up vegetarian, and I know absolutely that I’m giving them the very best start in life.” The video concludes, “I’m Sadie Frost, and I’m a vegetarian.”

Frost is the latest star to lend her name to PETA’s “Vegetarian Testimonial” campaign. Sir Paul McCartney, Alicia Silverstone, Forest Whitaker and Casey Affleck are among the other celebrities who are speaking up about how vegetarianism is the best choice for animals, human health and the environment.

This isn’t the first time Sadie has helped PETA help animals. Her naked “Turn Your Back on Fur” ad stole the spotlight during London Fashion Week in 2006.

PETA offers free vegetarian starter kits to anyone who wants to kick the meat habit. For more information and to view the video, please visit

Attached is also a “new to the world” image of Sadie Frost with Bryan Adams, who has photographed her before for PETA.