Sexy ‘Mermaid’ To Feed Faux-Fish To Lunchtime Crowd

For Immediate Release:
16 May 2003

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Nottingham – Holding a sign that reads, ‘Don’t Batter Me,’ and accompanied by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) volunteers, a sexy ‘mermaid’ will kick off National Vegetarian Week (19 May – 25 May) by dishing up free samples of a tasty assortment of faux-fish delicacies to Nottingham’s hungry lunchtime crowd. The new vegan creations—‘tuna,’ ‘fish’ steaks, ‘scampi’ and smoked ‘salmon’ pâté—are being provided by award-winning Corby-based Redwood Foods ( and are designed to please taste buds while leaving the fish where they belong, in the water.

Date: Monday 19 May
Time: 12 noon sharp
Place: KFC, 48 High St. Peter’s Square

Why do PETA want to get Britons to ditch the fish and chips for mock lobster and fake hake? A study just published by the Royal Society confirms the findings of other studies, as well as what many marine biologists have been saying for years: Fish feel pain just as all animals do. Commercially-caught fish are often cut open while they are still alive or are left to die slowly—gasping, struggling and suffocating.

Fish is not a ‘health food’. Artery-clogging cholesterol and unsafe amounts of carcinogenic PCBs can abound in fish flesh and fatty tissue. The Food Standards Agency recently warned pregnant women about the mercury contamination in tuna, and young mothers and children under 16 were cautioned not to eat any shark, swordfish or marlin, also because of dangerous levels of mercury.

On an encouraging note for ocean and river dwellers as well as the National Health Service, vegetarianism is on a sharp upswing in the UK. Approximately 5 per cent of Britons now describe themselves as vegetarians or vegans, with thousands more swearing off flesh and other animal products every year.

‘It’s time to sink the old myth that fish don’t feel pain and reel in the bounty of delicious veggie options now available,’ says PETA UK’s Sean Gifford.

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