Tiffany Stanley Calls For Ireland To Leave Fur Farming Behind In Risqué New PETA Ad

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20 October 2013


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Dublin – Wearing nothing and standing next to the words “Turn Your Back on Fur”, Irish model and actor Tiffany Stanley stars in a brand-new PETA ad calling for fur farming to be banned in Ireland. The reality TV star and Ireland AM regular wants to help put an end to an industry that confines 225,000 minks every year to small cages and then rips the skin off their tiny backs. The nude shoot, which was Stanley’s first and last, was done by photographer Volker Fleck and is available here.

“You don’t have to be Rear of the Year to feel beautiful in your skin, but one thing’s for sure: no one looks beautiful in the skin of a tortured animal”, says Stanley, who won the accolade in 2009. “The fur industry shows Ireland in a really bad light. The sooner we end the shameful practice of stealing animals’ skins, the better.”

Animals raised on fur farms go insane when they’re confined to tiny, filthy cages in all weather extremes. They are then electrocuted, poisoned or gassed or have their necks broken. Although the overwhelming majority of the Irish public supports a ban on fur farming, Simon Coveney, the Minister for Agriculture, has taken no meaningful steps towards putting an end to this industry. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England have already outlawed the farming of animals for their fur.

Stanley joins Irish singer Imelda May and Irish-American actor Anjelica Huston in teaming up with PETA to speak out against Ireland’s fur-farming industry.

Stanley is available for interviews on her involvement with the campaign.

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