Ukrainian Animal Companions Must Be Allowed Entry Into the UK and EU States

Ukrainian Animal Companions Must Be Allowed Entry Into the UK and EU States

London – Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, reports from bordering EU member states – including Hungary, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia – are indicating that many dogs, cats, and other animals are being refused entry into the EU. In response, PETA Germany and PETA France have rushed urgent letters to the European Commission, urging a temporary suspension of the legal entry requirements for animals and PETA UK is calling on Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs George Eustice to loosen national restrictions to allow Ukrainians and their animal companions refuge in the UK.

Unless animals are microchipped or tattooed and vaccinated against rabies, they aren’t allowed to cross the border into the EU or UK. A negative rabies blood test must also be presented, even though acquiring one of these tests and waiting for the results can take days or even weeks. As these procedures are not legally required for animals in Ukraine, many people are being faced with the impossible decision of leaving their beloved companions – who are entirely dependent on their human guardians for their survival – behind.

“Separating animal companions from their guardians is another tragedy for those desperately fleeing Ukraine, and it will only result in more heartbreak and unnecessarily lost lives,” says PETA Vice President Mimi Bekhechi. “PETA UK is calling on the UK government and European Commission to offer a solution to help humans and animals safely escape the ongoing attacks.”

Border countries – including Hungary, Poland, and Romania – are loosening their restrictions to make it easier for animal companions to enter. The UK and other EU countries must follow suit.

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