Vegan Starter Kit For The Blind Released In Time For World Braille Day

For Immediate Release:

2 January 2015


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PETA US Launches Screen-Reader Version of Its One-Stop Reference Guide to Going Vegan

London – To coincide with Louis Braille’s birthday on 4 January, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) US is launching an HTML version of its popular free vegan starter kit for screen-reading software. The world’s largest animal rights organisation – with over 3 million members and supporters – developed the site after learning that many blind people now prefer to receive their information via Braille, specialised apps or audio recordings. The group also consulted with experts from the National Federation of the Blind and the American Foundation for the Blind.

“I’m visually impaired, and PETA [US]’ new screen-reader version of the vegan starter kit makes it incredibly easy for me to find recipes, learn about the latest vegan products and hear about celebs and policymakers who have gone vegan”, says PETA US supporter Jaume Rivell. “Compassionate living isn’t only for sighted people, so thanks to PETA [US] for recognising that and filling a need!”

More people than ever are using technology to assist them in reading, and native screen-reader apps on smartphones are one of the more popular methods. Screen-reader apps are widely available and allow the user to read the information much faster than listening to someone else read it in a pre-recorded version, and they allow users to navigate the page quickly themselves. PETA US’ new vegan starter kit for blind and partially sighted people has all the text on one page so the user doesn’t have to navigate away to other pages. It also uses code that makes it easier to read the page.

To view PETA US’ new vegan starter kit for the blind, please click here. To order a free copy of PETA UK’s vegan starter kit for sighted people, please click here or visit