Vegan Tube Takeover: PETA Blasts London Station with ‘Sea Life, Not Sea Food’ Message

For Immediate Release:

6 November 2018


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Ad Blitz Calls On Commuters to See Animals as Someone, Not Something, and Go Vegan

London – More than 50 posters featuring fish, crabs, lobsters, and octopuses are now covering Clapham Common station, courtesy of a PETA tube takeover that comes just in time for the start of World Vegan Month (November). In each ad, a sea animal appears next to the words “I’m ME, Not MEAT. See the Individual. Go Vegan” or “Sea Life, Not Sea Food”.


More photos are available hereherehere and here, and video footage is available here. Raw footage is available upon request.

“Just like humans, fish, crabs, lobsters, and octopuses feel pain and fear, have unique personalities, and value their own lives,” says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “PETA’s tube takeover asks everyone to spare these sensitive animals the agony of being boiled to death, eaten alive, or crushed in fishing nets simply by choosing vegan meals. See animals, not ‘seafood’.”

PETA US investigation of a crustacean abattoir revealed that live lobsters and crabs were impaled, torn apart, and decapitated – even as their legs continued to move. Chefs typically place live lobsters in pots of boiling water while they’re still conscious – a cruel practice that has been banned in Switzerland – and some cut off live octopuses’ limbs and serve them still writhing to customers. Fish may slowly suffocate or be crushed to death when they’re dragged out of the ocean in huge nets, and the throats and stomachs of those who survive are cut open on the decks of fishing boats.

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that plant-based fish alternatives are available in supermarkets and restaurants all over the UK. Just last month, renowned London fish and chip shop Sutton and Sons converted its Hackney location to an all-vegan menu offering “fish” and chips, “scampi”, and “prawn cocktail”.

PETA offers a free vegan starter kit (available here) full of recipes, tips, and more. For more information, please visit