Video: Marks & Spencer, H&M, UNIQLO Exposed –Ducks Mutilated and Slaughtered for Down

London – A new PETA Asia investigation into Vina Prauden – a Vietnamese down supplier for Marks & SpencerH&MUNIQLOGap IncLacoste, and other brands – reveals that ducks’ throats were slit while they were still conscious and that at facilities that supply down for Nam Vu, a supplier to GUESS and other companies, workers chopped off live ducks’ feet, among other atrocities. Down from these facilities is later sold under the deceptively named “Responsible Down Standard”, which does nothing to stop suppliers from harming animals and serves only to dupe well-meaning shoppers.

“The Responsible Down Standard is nothing more than a marketing scheme – it doesn’t protect animals,” says PETA Vice President Mimi Bekhechi. “PETA encourages everyone to reject down in favour of warm and cosy vegan clothing that leaves animals in peace.”

At a slaughterhouse that supplies down for Vina Prauden, PETA Asia investigators documented a worker violently grabbing ducks and forcing their legs into shackles before dragging them through an electrified water bath meant to paralyse them – but a worker slit the ducks’ throats while they were still conscious, and birds were seen moving for at least a minute afterward. At slaughterhouses inside villagers’ homes – which supplied Nam Vu – the birds were tossed to the ground and workers cut off their feet while they were still conscious and struggling.

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Photos are available here and broadcast-quality footage is available for download here.


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