Will Enfield Turn ‘Turkey Street’ into ‘Tofu-Turkey Street’?

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20 December 2017


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If Mayor Grants PETA’s Christmas Wish, Group Will Provide Everyone on the Street With a Delicious Tofurky Roast

Enfield – PETA sent a letter to Enfield Mayor Christine Hamilton this morning with a proposal to help get the borough on Santa’s “nice” list: if the council changes Enfield’s Turkey Street to “Tofu-Turkey Street” for the 12 Days of Christmas – from 25 December to 5 January – PETA will give each of the street’s residents a hearty vegan Tofurky roast for their Christmas dinner tables.

“Christmas is murder on turkeys, who are hung upside-down and dragged through an electrified bath and whose throats are slit,” says PETA Director of International Programmes Mimi Bekhechi. “PETA is asking Enfield to offer some comfort and joy to these gentle birds by encouraging everyone to choose a delicious, cruelty-free Christmas meal instead.”

In the letter, PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that in nature, turkeys are protective parents and spirited explorers who can live for up to 10 years. But those killed for food are normally slaughtered between 12 and 26 weeks of age, and many are still conscious when their throats are slit or when they’re placed into scalding-hot water to remove their feathers.

In the UK alone, the number of vegans has skyrocketed by more than 350 per cent over the last 10 years – and according to research firm Mintel, 20 per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds now say they’re vegetarian or vegan. And the availability of vegan roast dinners has expanded to match: options now include Tofurky, Fry’s Soy & Quinoa Country Roast, and VBites Meat-Free Turkey Roast, among others.

PETA’s letter to Mayor Hamilton is available here. For more information, please visit PETA.org.uk.