Will Leicester Roundabout Drop the ‘Pork’, Promote Vegan Pies Instead?

Will Leicester Roundabout Drop the ‘Pork’, Promote Vegan Pies Instead?

Leicester – Today, PETA sent a letter to Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby with an unusual request: rename Pork Pie Roundabout “Vegan Pie Roundabout”. The suggestion follows recent reports revealing that Leicestershire has some of the highest obesity rates in the UK.

In the letter (available here), PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to eat” – notes that the name change would inspire the public to make healthier food choices, help the environment, celebrate Leicester’s heritage, and prevent animal suffering. The group has offered to provide the local community with a supply of delicious vegan pies if the change is implemented.

“There’s never been a better time to stop going around in circles and take a bite out of Leicester’s dangerous obesity crisis,” writes PETA Senior Campaigns Manager Kate Werner. “Since the word ‘vegan’ was coined in Leicester by Donald Watson in 1944, it would also be a great way to celebrate the city’s vegan and pie-loving heritage.”

Vegans are less likely than meat-eaters to suffer from heart disease, strokes, diabetes, cancer, and obesity. What’s more, every person who goes vegan spares nearly 200 animals every year daily suffering and a terrifying death in the meat, egg, and dairy industries. Vegan meals are greener, too, as animal agriculture is a leading contributor to the greenhouse gas emissions causing the climate catastrophe.

For more information, please visit PETA.org.uk or follow the group on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


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