World Champion Free Runner Pulls Death-Defying Stunt To Promote Vegan Eating

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3 September 2014


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Fighting Fit and Focused, Tim Livewire Shieff Leaps Across Londons Skyline in New PETA Video

London- Strong. Healthy. Vegan. Tim Shieff, world champion free runner and American Ninja Warrior veteran, is the latest athlete to team up with PETA to promote the benefits of a plant-based diet.

The short video, which can be seen here, shows Tim sprinting, somersaulting, sliding, jumping and climbing his way across the capital before doing a handstand on top of one of the city’s tallest buildings. The video ends with the strapline “Do More Than Survive. Thrive. Choose Vegan”.

Tim speaks exclusively to PETA about his diet here; being a vegan for two and a half years, Tim has never felt better. “I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been and most importantly, no animals are harmed.  Since going vegan, I can train longer and harder and even noticed my body heals a lot quicker. I used to have tendonitis which has completely cleared up!”

A keen cook, Tim has plenty of nutritious vegan recipes to share with fellow athletes and those looking to increase their strength, stamina and muscle. He is also available for interviews.

Other athletes who embrace a plant-based diet include David Haye, ultra-endurance athlete Rich Roll and Germany’s strongest man, Patrik Baboumian.