A Happy Tail

(Science and PSHE)
Ayesha is an Alsatian, a big dog who had a very bad start in life. She lived with a woman who couldn’t cope with a big dog in her small flat. She had no garden and only ever let Ayesha out into the street instead of taking her for long walks in the park or countryside. Ayesha was bored and so turned to mischief. She started to chew the sofa, bark for no reason and steal food from the cupboards. For this she was punished.
She was locked inside a cage in the living room where she couldn’t cause any damage and she was left there for hours and hours at a time.

Ayesha loves her walks in the countryside with Harley.
Ayesha became depressed, didn’t bark any more and stopped eating. Her bushy tail stopped wagging. Eventually, the woman realised that she wasn’t being fair to Ayesha and put her up for adoption.
When Ayesha arrived at her new home, she sat in the corner, staring at the floor. When someone went to touch her, she shrank away from them, scared of what they might do to her. But soon she learnt to trust her new family. She started to enjoy going for long walks with their other dog, Harley, and the two of them would play for hours on end. She got her appetite back and learnt how to have fun again. Today Ayesha is a different girl, playful and lively and very happy.

Are the things that make an animal happy the same kinds of things that make you happy?
Fill in the chart below with all the ideas you have and compare the two lists. We have started you off with three ideas.

What makes me happy?
What makes an animal happy?
Being with friends Being well fed
Being healthy with no aches and pains


What made Ayesha unhappy? How would you feel if you were treated that way?

What things make your companion animal happy or unhappy?

Do you think a chicken in a cage feels the same happiness as a chicken who is free?