All About Animals: Primary Teachers: Friendship

How does this fit into the Framework? Pupils will learn to recognise how their behaviour affects others, to listen to other people, to play and work cooperatively and to identify and respect the differences and similarities of people. They will also learn that family and friends should care for each other and that all animals should be treated with respect.

Teachers’ Note: Obtain a copy of the book What Are Friends for? by Sally Grindley. It can be ordered from (8.37) or your local bookshop. This is a beautiful story about forgiveness and a special friendship between a fox named Figgy Twosocks and a bear named Jefferson. Read the story to the class, and then in pairs, groups or as a class, discuss the following questions:

Lesson Plan: Friendship

1. Why is it important to have friends?
2. Why did Figgy Twosocks and Jefferson Bear have an argument?
3. Were they both in the wrong?
4. How did they make up?
5. Should we always forgive a friend for being grumpy?
6. In what ways can you be a good friend to an animal?