All About Animals: Primary Teachers: How does it all end?

How does this fit into the curriculum? Pupils should be taught to use an adventurous and wide-ranging vocabulary (EN3 1a); to sequence events (1b); and to put their ideas into sentences (1c).

Teachers’ Note: Read the story to the class. They must write an ending to the story using at least 6 words from the list below.

Lesson Plan: How does it all end?

From Dolphin SOS, by Hiawyn Oram

The story so far: Nemo and Lemo are dolphins made to perform tricks in a pool at a hotel. Because of their treatment, the dirty water and lack of proper food, they are dying and desperate for help

That evening, a young girl came to the edge of the pool. She watched the sick dolphins swimming round and round. She felt so sad she put her thumb in her mouth – even though she hadn’t sucked her thumb in years.

Lemo picked up her sadness and her sympathy. He swam close. Making a huge effort, he got half his body onto the edge of the pool beside her. And although he was weak and his powers of communication were fading, he managed some faint noises.

“Help us. Please. Get us out of here or Nemo is going to die.” The girl listened carefully. Then she turned and ran back into the hotel screaming for her mother and father.

“Zandra, what is it?” Her parents thought something terrible must have happened to her.

“It has,” she sobbed. “I’ve talked to the dolphins and if we don’t do something they’re going to die.”

All night she sobbed, “Please don’t let the dolphins die.”

In the morning she wouldn’t eat. She wouldn’t dress. She stood at the window with her thumb in her mouth watching Nemo and Lemo in the pool below. Then she climbed back into bed and lay there, sick herself. “I’ll never get better until you help the dolphins,” she whispered.

Word List

Frightened Delight Love
Panic Worry Sad
Dived Excited Free
Splash Ocean Sunshine
Danger Rescue Harm
Recover Proud Happy
Lost Angry Wonderful