All About Animals: Primary Teachers: Lesson Plan 2: Persuade Me!

How does this fit into the guidelines? EN1: Listening and Speaking. To speak with confidence in a range of contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences, pupils should be taught to gain and maintain the interest and elicit responses from different audiences (1b).

Teachers’ Note: Assign one question to each person (or you can let them choose). Ask them to write a speech, answering the question that will persuade the rest of the class that their views about this issue are correct. In the next lesson, they are to present a two-minute talk to the class and a vote will be taken on whether the class thought the talk was a persuasive one.

Lesson Plan: Persuade Me!

1. Is fox hunting wrong?
2. Why do bullies do it?
3. Does it matter if we drop litter?
4. Are animals happy in zoos?
5. Does it matter if tigers become extinct?
6. Global warming – should we care?
7. Is there anything wrong with factory farming?
8. Is it OK to wear real fur?
9. Is racism wrong?
10. Can animal-lovers eat meat?
11. Is shooting animals or birds an acceptable sport?
12. Should we be able to use cars whenever we want to?
13. Does it matter if we cut down the rain forests?
14. Should animals be used in circuses?
15. Pollution – should we care?
16. Is fishing cruel?
17. Are religions important?
18. Battery eggs or free range?
19. Should we preserve hedgerows and woodland?
20. How should we punish people who are cruel to animals?
21. Is it worse to eat a whale than it is to eat a cow?
22. Should we all buy organic food?