All About Animals: Primary Teachers: Sharing Our World

How does this fit into the curriculum? Pupils should be taught knowledge, skills and understanding by exploring a range of starting points for their practical work (themselves, their experiences, stories, natural and made objects and the local environment, etc) (5a).

Teachers’ Note: If your pupils live in a city and don’t have many opportunities to see wild animals, encourage them to think about the animals they do see – birds in the sky, dogs in the park, foxes at night – or to simply use their imaginations.

Lesson Plan: Sharing Our World

Think about your environment and the animals who share it with you. Whether you live in the countryside or the city, there are animals all around you.

Take a moment to think about all the animals who live near you. Now choose one it could be a fox, cat, worm or hamster. Think about how wonderful that animal is and the things that he or she can do. Think about how empty life would be if there were no animals.

Draw a picture to celebrate the fact that this animal lives in your area.