All About Animals: Primary Teachers: What’s the word?

How does this fit into the curriculum? Pupils should be taught to choose words with precision (EN1 1b) and to use an adventurous and wide-ranging vocabulary (EN3 1a).

Teachers’ Note: This is an oral exercise. The teacher reads out the following scenarios and pupils suggest how the animal feels in each situation. The words can be written on the board.

Lesson Plan: What’s the word?

A: A puppy left alone in the house day after day feels

B: An eagle flying over the mountains feels

C: An ant building a nest feels

D: An elephant alone in a small enclosure in a zoo feels

E: A kitten playing with a piece of string feels

F: A rabbit left alone in a hutch all her life feels

G: A hamster with lots of toys to play with feels

H: A fish on a hook feels

I: A dog running through the fields on a summer’s day feels

J: A monkey swinging through the trees feels

K: A cow separated from her calf feels

L: A chicken sitting on her eggs feels

M: A dog left outside on Bonfire Night feels