All About Animals: Secondary Pupils: The Animals Charter

We can all do something to help animals. We might volunteer at our local sanctuary, walk our own dog every day after school, top up the bird feeder every morning over winter or even be a vegetarian for a day, a week or maybe forever! There are a thousand things we can do.

Here are a few more things:

  • Instead of buying Christmas or birthday presents for family and friends, adopt them an animal from The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, Libearty (bear rescue) or a sanctuary like Hillside.
  • Organise a fund-raising event for your local animal rescue centre or a campaign like WSPA’s campaign to stop bullfighting in Spain.
  • Contact an organisation whose aims you agree with and ask for petitions. Get all your family and friends to sign it.
  • Pay more attention to the needs and wants of your own animals. Remember that animals can get lonely so why not adopt a friend for your lonely bunny from a rescue centre?
  • Cut down or cut out eating factory-farmed meat.
  • Organise an Animal Awareness Day at your school and invite speakers and animal-friendly organisations to hold stalls.

Why not sign our Animal Charter promising to help animals? There are stickers, posters and other goodies available for those who help animals the most, so what are you waiting for? Get signing!