All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Lesson Plan 1: I’m Right!

How does this fit into the National Curriculum? Pupils should justify orally and in writing an opinion about topical, political, spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues, problems and events (2b)

Teachers’ Note: This is a two-part exercise with an oral component followed by a written exercise. In the oral exercise, pupils can offer opinions during class-wide or group discussion on the five subjects outlined below. Allow 10-15 minutes for each discussion and then move on to the next. For the written task, ask the pupils to choose one of the topics discussed in the classroom and write an essay justifying their views on that issue. A word limit can be set if you wish. The titles are deliberately chosen to stimulate a lively discussion!

Subject 1: Are we right to feel upset when we read of dogs being eaten in Korea when we eat other animals here in Britain?

Subject 2: If it is wrong to deliberately hurt an animal, should we ban fishing and shooting because fish and birds suffer pain or are killed?

Subject 3: Is enjoying the taste of meat reason enough to justify the slaughter of millions of animals?

Subject 4: Should people who abuse animals be punished in the same way as people who abuse children?

Subject 5: Are animals happy in zoos?