All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Lesson Plan 2: Speak up!

How does this fit into the National Curriculum? To speak fluently and appropriately in different contexts, adapting their speech for a range of purposes and audiences (including the more formal), pupils should be taught to: structure their speech clearly, using markers, so that listeners can follow the line of thought (EN1 1a); use evidence, illustrations and anecdotes to enrich and explain their ideas (1b); use gesture, tone, pace and rhetorical devices for emphasis (1c); use visual aids and images to enhance communication (1d); vary word choices, including technical vocabulary, and sentence structure for different audiences (1e); and evaluate the effectiveness of their speech and consider how to adapt it to a range of situations (1g)

Teachers’ Note: Divide the class into five groups and give each group one of the subjects below to research thoroughly. Each group must work together as a team to find out all the information needed to make a formal presentation. They will need to research over the course of a week or more and in the classroom should work within the group to create the presentation using the information gathered by all members of the group. The ‘audience’ for each group is listed beneath the subject and they must tailor the talk to that audience.

To make their talks interesting, pupils should consider using anecdotes, visual aids, cite sources and pay attention to pace, tone, volume, vocabulary and personal presentation.

One person per group may be nominated to speak or the whole group can participate. The talks may be given in front of the class and should last no more than 10 minutes each.

The final part of the task is for you to set them a written component asking them to adapt the talk they gave to suit a different audience (see below), setting down the outline for the new talk and the reasons for making the changes.

Talk 1: Banning Whaling Forever
To be given to: International Whaling Commission
Adapted for: A Brownie pack

Talk 2: Should Animals be kept in Zoos?
To be given to: A local council which is considering funding a new zoo.
Adapted for: A group of their own friends

Talk 3: The importance of Conserving Turtles
To be given to: Representatives of the tourist industry
Adapted for: A local conservation group

Talk 4: The Problem of Stray Cats and Dogs
To be given to: A public meeting about the issue
Adapted for: The local council

Talk 5: Should hunting have been banned?
To be given to: Prime Minister, Tony Blair
Adapted for: A school assembly