All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Lesson Plan 3: On the other hand …

How does this fit into the National Curriculum? Pupils should use their imagination to consider other people’s experiences and be able to think about, express and explain views that are not their own (3a).

Teachers’ Note: You could prepare the written component with a discussion about why we should try and see other people’s views and why we should be open to changing our views when new information is learned. Ask your pupils to choose one of the statements below that they agree with and then write an essay giving good reasons why the opposite view is true. They should start the essay with “I believe” and end it by stating any changes they have made to their views since they began researching and writing their essay.

We all know our own minds about many issues and of course, we think we’re always right! But what if we put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and make an effort to find out more about their beliefs and views? It won’t do us any harm, and it might teach us more about the subject. We might even change our own views just a little bit too!

Choose one of the statements below that you agree with and begin your essay with this statement. Then go away and research the opposite point of view. You can speak to people you know (but you must listen to their views and not argue with them – remember you are researching, not debating!), look on the Internet, contact organisations or go to the library. Do your very best to find out all the reasons why some people think differently from you.

Then write an essay arguing from the other person’s point of view!

At the end of your essay, write a short paragraph detailing any new information you have learnt and whether your views have changed, even a little bit, as a result of your research. Good luck!

I believe that we have the right to wear fur from animals who have been trapped or farmed.

I believe that we do not have the right to wear fur from animals who have been trapped or farmed.

I believe that it is perfectly acceptable to keep chickens inside battery cages if it means we get cheap eggs.

I believe it is not at all acceptable to keep chickens inside battery cages just because it means we get cheap eggs.

I believe that animals were put on this planet for us to use however we want.

I believe that we have a responsibility to care for the animals with whom we share this planet and not cause unnecessary suffering to them.

I believe that it is acceptable to test bleach, hair dye and other household products on animals to make sure they are safe for us to use.

I believe that animals should not be made to suffer in laboratories to test household products like bleach and hair dye.

I believe that keeping animals in zoos is an acceptable way for people to learn more about them.

I believe that animals belong in the wild and that we shouldn’t imprison them inside zoos.