All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Lesson Plan 4: Global Warming: Everyone’s Problem

Teachers’ Note: A class discussion on the issues surrounding global warming should precede a written component. After the discussion (possible areas of discussion are listed below) pupils should decide upon ten things that every person in Britain could do to help combat global warming. For their written component, set them an essay entitled Global Warming: Everyone’s Problem.

  • Burning fossil fuels: transport; heating; industry
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste management and methane emissions
  • Livestock farming and methane emissions
  • Locally grown food and the issue of food miles
  • Food packaging and recycling/reusing
  • Using your vote

Useful Web sites for further information on these issues include:

The Independent
The Guardian
The Worldwatch Institute
The Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs
New Scientist
Young People’s Trust for the Environment
The Vegan Society