All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Lesson Plan 5: We Must Act Now! A Lesson in Persuasive Writing

How does this fit into the National Curriculum? Pupils should be taught to: exploit choice of language and structure to achieve particular effects and appeal to the reader (1c); consider what the reader needs to know and include relevant details (1g); develop logical arguments and cite evidence (1i); use persuasive techniques and rhetorical devices (1j); anticipate reader reaction, counter opposing views and use language to gain attention and sustain interest (1k); reflect on the nature and significance of the subject matter (1l); form their own views, taking into account a range of evidence and opinions (1m); plan, draft, redraft and proofread their work on paper and on screen (2a)

Teachers’ Note: Your pupils are to choose an animal-related story (some examples are given but they may choose their own) and write a newspaper article about it. They must research the topic thoroughly, sift the information for the relevant parts, develop their own argument and plan their article. In it they should cite evidence and do their best to persuade the reader that their views on this matter are the correct ones. They should anticipate opposing arguments and counter those within their article. Once they have written their article, they should proofread their work and print it off and hand it to you as if you were the editor of a newspaper! You may like to submit the best article to your local newspaper as an example of promising journalistic writing!

You are a newspaper reporter and you have been instructed to write a persuasive piece about an animal issue of your choice. You should:

  • Choose a subject
  • Research it thoroughly
  • Sift the information you have for relevant details
  • Develop your own views on this issue but be aware of opposing views and counter those within your article
  • Draft and redraft your article
  • Proofread it
  • Print it and hand it to your teacher as though he or she were the newspaper editor. You will have a deadline and a word limit set by the teacher/editor

Here are a few animal-related topics you may like to choose but do choose others if you prefer

  • Animal experiments are justifiable OR Animal experiments must stop!
  • There is nothing wrong with eating meat OR Eating meat harms people and animals!
  • It is my right to wear fur OR Only heartless people wear fur!
  • Shooting birds for pleasure is part of old England OR Shooting birds for fun is cruel!