All About Animals: Secondary Teachers: Recommended Reading

Recommended Reading for Teachers

Farmed Animals

The Silent Ark, Juliet Gellatley and Tony Wardle. Reveals the state of the British meat industry. Available from Price £6.99

The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, Jeffrey Masson. Reveals the complex emotional lives and amazing abilities of animals farmed for their meat, milk and eggs. Available from Price £12.59 (hardback)


Planet on a Plate, Viva! Guide. How animal farming impacts on the health of the planet.
Available from Price £1

The Little Earth Book, James Bruges. Covers issues from Third World debt to genetics. Available from Price £6.99


Food For Life, Dr Neal Barnard. How food can promote good health and longevity.
Available from Price £12.99

Foods That Fight Pain, Dr Neal Barnard. How to soothe everyday ailments and cure chronic pain through choosing the right foods. Available from Price £12.99

Diet for a New America, John Robbins. Takes a close look at the typical Western diet and shows how our food choices affect our health, animals and the environment. Available from

Fast Food Nation, Eric Schlosser. How fast food affects our health and our planet. An international best-seller. Available from Price £3.99

Animals and People

Eternal Treblinka, Charles Patterson. Looks at the relationship between animal cruelty and human slavery and exploitation. Available from Price £16.99

An Unnatural Order, Jim Mason. How humans’ need to dominate the planet began and the far-reaching consequences. Fascinating. Available from Price £14.99

Living with Urban Wildlife, John Bryant. How to live alongside animals and gently and humanely dissuade those you’d rather not live quite so close to. Available from Price £9.95

Animal Experiments

Vivisection or Science? Pietro Croce. A former vivisector exposes the futility of animal experiments. Available from Price £14.95

Sacred Cows and Golden Geese, Dr Ray Greek & Jean Greek. A medical doctor and a veterinarian expose animal experiments as bogus science. Available from Price £12.99.

Animal Companions

The Dog Listener, Jan Fennell. Bridging the language barrier between humans and dogs to help ‘problem dogs’ and their humans. Available from Price £3.99

Dogs Never Lie About Love, Jeffrey Masson. A wonderful read for those who want to understand the complexities of their canine pal. Available from Price £5.99

General Animal Issues

When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals, Jeffery Masson & Susan McCarthy. Looks at the range of complex emotions animals experience. Available from Price £6.99

Animal Liberation, Peter Singer. Explores every aspect of animal rights. An all-encompassing reference book. Available from Price £12.50

Animal Gospel, Andrew Linzey. Puts the case for a better understanding of animal rights by the Christian Church. Available from Price £6.99

Animals Like Us (Practical Ethics), Mark Rowlands. Using the principles of justice, the author argues that animals have moral rights. Available from Price £12.

You Can Save the Animals: 251 Ways to Stop Thoughtless Cruelty, Ingrid Newkirk. Everyday ways we can make a difference to our animal friends. Available from Price £9.99

The Compassionate Cook, Or, “Please Don’t Eat the Animals!”: A Vegetarian Cookbook, Ingrid Newkirk. Delicious, easy-to-prepare, cruelty-free recipes. Available from Price £6.39.

Recommended Reading for your Pupils

Born to be Wild, Juliet Gellatley. A teenager’s guide to animal issues and campaigning for a kinder world. Available from Price £5.99

The Livewire Guide to Going, Being and Staying Veggie, Juliet Gellatley. The guide to have for teenagers contemplating becoming vegetarian or for those who are already vegetarian but want more info about it. Available from Price £4.99

The Pig Who Sang to the Moon, Jeffrey Masson. Written in an easy-to-read style, Masson explores the emotional lives of the animals who are farmed. Available from Price £12.59 (hardback)

The L-Plate Vegetarian, Viva! Guides. A simple guide for anyone wanting to cut back on meat. No recipes, just loads of ideas. Available from Price £1.

Under the Stairs, Mary Brady. A novel for teenagers about Peter, who has to re-evaluate life once he meets a family of animal activists. Available from Price £4.99

The Chicken Gave It to Me, Anne Fine. Wonderful, extraordinary novel telling the story of a rescued battery hen and her adventures. Available from Price £3.99

Talking Turkeys, Benjamin Zephaniah. A collection of poems from the poet of the streets.
Available from Price £4.99

The Little Book of Vegan Poems, Benjamin Zephaniah. More poems from the legendary animal-loving poet. Available from Price £3.95

Go Mad 2, The Ecologist. If you’re wanting to minimise damage to the planet, this book tells you how. Available from Price £6.99

Roar!: Animal Rights Handbook, Peter Hoggarth. A handbook for all young people who want to save the world. Available from Price £3.99