All About Animals: The Issues (Ages 14-16): Adopting Animals

If you’d like to give an unwanted or abandoned animal a second chance at happiness then why not consider adopting one from a sanctuary? The following animal shelters are looking for good homes for animals. Get in touch with them if you think you can offer a loving home for life to an animal in need. If you can’t find the shelter or sanctuary you’re looking for, e-mail [email protected], and we’ll try to find a rescue centre in your area:

RSPCA see the Yellow Pages for your nearest centre
Battersea Dogs Home 0207 622 3626
[email protected]
Blue Cross 01403 221927
Cats Protection League 01993 822651
[email protected]
Celia Hammond Animal Trust 01892 783367
[email protected]
Dogs Trust 0207 837 0006
[email protected]
Rat Rehoming Register
Rabbit Rehome

Your local vet’s surgery is also a good place to look for animals who need homes!