Caring Creatures

(Key Stage 1: RE)

Throughout life we are given choices that we have to make. Often we know what we should do, what is right, but we are tempted to do the opposite. Sometimes we are kind to our close friends and family but not to people we don’t know so well, or to animals.

Perhaps we should take a look at what our animal friends do and choose to be compassionate and kind like them.

Activity One
In small groups, brainstorm ten ways you could be more kind to other animals.

Activity Two
What would you do in these situations? Maybe you would do more than one thing. Maybe you would do something entirely different.

1. Your brother’s dog has been unhappy ever since he went away on holiday. You know he misses him and isn’t getting the attention he deserves. What do you do?
a. think, ‘he’s not my dog so why should I look after him?’
b. think ‘he looks unhappy so I’ll give him a quick walk but that’s it. I have more important things to do.’
c. decide to spend plenty of time playing with him, walking him and cuddling him until your brother returns.

2. You are on your way to a party when you see a cat lying in the rain, looking unwell. What do you do?
a. hurry on to your party because it’s cold, you’re getting wet and you’re late anyway.
b. knock on the nearest door to see if it’s their cat but then hurry on.
c. decide that the cat needs care and that the party will have to wait until you have arranged someone to take care of her.

3. You have adopted a rescued hamster from a sanctuary. You have arranged to meet your friends in town on Saturday morning but your mum already told you that you couldn’t go unless you had cleaned him out properly. You haven’t. What do you do?
a. shout at your mum that it’s not fair.
b. quickly change the bedding and hope that your mum is fooled.
c. agree that you wouldn’t want to live in a dirty house and call your friends to say you’ll be late.

4. You’re out climbing trees with friends. You find a nest high up and in it there are some eggs. Your friend says you should take them. What do you do?
a. take them because your friend said so.
b. tell him that he should take them if he wants them but that you won’t.
c. refuse to take them and tell him that he mustn’t either because the chicks will die and the mother will be distressed.

5. Some boys at school are pulling the wings off butterflies. You know it must hurt. What do you do?
a. walk away without saying anything, after all you don’t want them to laugh at you but feel guilty all day.
b. tell them that they are cruel and try to take the butterflies away from them.
c. tell a teacher who will explain to everyone why it is wrong to hurt animals.

6. You want a snake for your birthday and you’ve seen one in the petshop. You dad explains that it isn’t fair to keep a snake in a tank when they should live free and that no matter how hard you try, you cannot create a natural home for that snake . He also explains that you will have to feed the snake mice. What do you do?
a. refuse to listen to your dad. You want that snake and you will keep asking for her until your birthday.
b. read up about snakes so you can give her a good life when you get her.
c. listen to your dad and realise that snakes and other exotic animals belong in the wild.