The Season of Goodwill: Showing the Way

(Key Stages 1 & 2: Citizenship)

Christmas is the season of goodwill, a time when we think about the suffering of others and make a special effort to help them. And why should we think only about people, when animals are suffering, too?

Take a look around your neighbourhood and think hard! How can we improve the lives of animals this season? Below are a few ideas to get you started, but add as many more to the list as you can think of.

Make a List!

  1. Put food out for birds and wild animals
  2. Keep an eye out for dogs and cats left outside in cold, wet weather. Can you help?
  3. Tell others why you don’t go to circuses and zoos where wild animals are locked up and forced to do stupid tricks.
  4. Pick up litter because it can hurt animals.
  5. Do not buy animals as presents, because thousands are dumped just after Christmas every year, when people see how much care and attention they need.
  6. Give only animal-friendly gifts this year (cruelty-free cosmetics, vegetarian foods and sweets, gifts from animal charity catalogues, etc.) and let people know why.
  7. Take an hour or so to walk dogs who are waiting for homes at your local animal rescue centre.
  8. Put up posters or hand out leaflets about animals so other people can learn about the problems, too.
  9. Show the video ‘Share The World’ to your friends or at school. You can order it free – just ask your teacher!
  10. to your friends or at school. You can order it free – just ask your teacher!
  11. Write a letter (see below)!
  12. ________________
  13. ________________

Write a Letter!
Once you’ve finished your list, choose one way you can help animals and write a letter to your local paper explaining why it’s important to care for animals in this way. You may also want to draw a picture to send with your letter. If your letter gets printed, everyone who reads it will be reminded that we should think of animals at Christmas time.

Teachers’ Note:
You can find the address of your local paper in the phone book. You could pick the best letter or send them all to the editor of the newspaper. A cover letter from you might persuade the paper to print one or more from your class!