These Comedians Have Hilarious Answers to the Questions People Ask Vegans

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With the huge rise in popularity of a plant-based diet, it’s no wonder that people in the Twittersphere have a few choice questions about a vegan lifestyle.

Anyone who’s ditched meat and dairy foods is sure to have been asked some pretty hilarious questions about their diet, but these ones take the biscuit. With gems like “If animals don’t want to be eaten, why are they made of food?”, we’re thankful that witty comedians Sara Pascoe and Michael Legge were on hand to answer in good humour.

All jokes aside, eating vegan isn’t just great for your health but also will save the lives of animals and dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. But we know the big question on everyone’s mind: is vegan food delicious? We certainly didn’t hear any complaints from Sara and Michael as they tucked into their tasty cruelty-free meal!

If you want to try vegan eating for yourself, order a free vegan starter kit and get cooking with our collection of delicious animal-friendly recipes:


  • Alessandra Ferrari commented on February 28, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Thank you guys for this lovely video.
    And thank you for being so patients with these idiots and their stupid, stupid questions about being vegan. I could not put it any other way.
    Much Love!

  • Florence commented on February 29, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    Though I woudn’t exactly call the answers ‘hilarious’, I would the questions, which seem to have been written by five-year-olds…..they definitely show the depth of thought those people have gone to…. :D!!

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