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Raise Funds for PETA

Looking for some easy and exciting ways to support our vital work? Why not start fundraising?

Raise Funds Through Sponsorship


Create your very own PETA Pack page and ask your loved ones to support your efforts through sponsorship. You can raise funds on your own or as part of a team.

It doesn't matter what you do to raise money for PETA – whether it's sitting in a bath of baked beans all day or running a marathon through the desert . All that matters is that you have lots of fun doing it and that you raise as much money as you possibly can to help fund our vital work to save animals all around the world from abuse.

Raising funds for PETA has never been easier, as you can easily promote your page and manage donations online. Create your PETA Pack page today!

Change Makers

Looking to celebrate a birthday, a wedding or another special occasion with a gift to animals? Why not ask your friends and family to donate to your Change Makers page in lieu of (or in addition to) presents?

Looking to honour a friend or family member and ensure that his or her love for animals lives on? Create a Change Makers page and ask people to pay tribute to your loved one by supporting PETA.

Ask your friends and family to give up a snack, pack a lunch for a week, or walk instead of catching the bus and then donate the money that they save to your Change Makers page.

The number of ways in which you can help create real change for animals is limited only by your imagination! With PETA's Change Makers programme, it's easier than ever to raise funds to help animals.

Throw a Fundraising Party

Host a dinner party, movie night, shopping party or food-tasting event ( have guests sample mock meats, vegan cheeses, soya milk and vegan cookies or any other tasty vegan treats). Ask people to give a minimum amount to attend, and donate the proceeds!

To host a PETA fundraising party, simply contact PETA at with details of your event, and we will support you in any way we can.

In order to raise funds in PETA's name, please carefully read our terms and conditions and agree to the type of support PETA can and cannot offer. Your event must be approved by PETA before publication.

Become a PETA eBay Seller

Selling your unwanted stuff on eBay? Well, why not choose to donate a portion or all of the money you make from the sale to PETA? You can help raise vital funds to support our work and also spread the animal rights message. You simply need to select PETA Foundation as the beneficiary charity or click here to be taken to our page. We can even supply you with literature to include with items to help spread the animal rights message even further.

Another easy way to raise money through eBay is to hold a clothing or electronics drive and then sell the items on our Mission Fish page and donate the proceeds to PETA.