6 Deliciously ‘Fishy’ Vegan Products You Can Buy in the UK

Want to ditch fish and choose a kinder animal-free option? There are loads of faux-fish products available in the UK that will give you that “fishy” taste without harming any animals. Check out a few of our favourites:

VBites Fishless SteaksVBites Fishless Steak Vegan

You’ll be having flashbacks to strolls by the seaside when you tuck into these fishless steaks, best served with chips and mushy peas. VBites products are available at Holland & Barrett.


VBites Fish-Free Smoked Salmon SlicesVegan VBites Smoked Salmon Slices

VBites smoked salmon slices would be perfect on a bagel with some vegan cream cheese and make a good alternative for festive foods at Christmas time.


Fry’s Meat Free Crispy PrawnsFrys Vegan Crispy Prawns

These succulent prawns are coated in crispy breadcrumbs. Try dipping them in sweet chilli sauce for a satisfying fishless snack. Fry’s meat-free products are available at Morrisons.


VBites Fish-Free Fish FingersVBites Vegan Fishless Fish Finger

Classic fish-free fingers are great for kids and adults alike, served with crispy chips for an easy evening meal. These tasty fingers are available from online supermarket Ocado.


Cavi-art Seaweed CaviarCaviArtVeganCaviar

If you really want to impress your friends, let them sample this delicious animal-friendly version of caviar that’s made from seaweed. Order it online.


Mock Tuna Salad

With this easy recipe, you can create mock tuna to enjoy on your lunchtime sandwich or a salad.

Every year, billions of fish are slaughtered for food. Their nervous systems are similar to our own, meaning they can feel pain, but they’re usually killed in slow, painful ways, such as being left to asphyxiate on the decks of boats.

Industrial fishing is also an environmental disaster on an epic scale. Massive trawlers scrape the ocean bed with their nets, destroying huge swathes of marine life, while most of the planet’s oceans are now dangerously overfished.

By choosing these tasty vegan options, you’ll help save animals’ lives and protect our precious oceans.