Frequently Asked Questions About PETA’s Internship Programme

How to Apply

How do I apply?

Please fill out and submit the following materials:

  • Intern application: This can be found online and includes several essay questions. Each question should be answered in no more than a paragraph.
  • Curriculum vitae: This should include your educational, work and volunteer experience as well as any experience related to the desired intern position.
  • Letters of recommendation: Two letters of recommendation should accompany your application materials. Letters of recommendation can be written by co-workers, professors and instructors, or representatives of organisations you have volunteered for.

All the application materials need to be collected by the applicant and sent to the office manager in a sealed envelope or via e-mail to [email protected]. You will receive a response within two weeks of when we receive your application materials stating whether you have been accepted for PETA’s internship programme.

Application Requirements

What are the age requirements?

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older in order to be considered for an internship at PETA. If you are under 18 years of age and want to get active for animals, please visit for more information about how to get active in your area.

Can I apply if I live outside the EU?

Yes. We accept interns from around the world. If you live outside the EU and are applying for an internship, you will need to check with the appropriate government agency regarding a visa. PETA does not respond to any questions regarding visa issues. If you have been accepted, you will receive a letter confirming your internship with PETA.

Are there deadlines for submitting applications?

No. Applications for internships are accepted year-round.

What qualifications are necessary?

Qualifications vary by department, and applications are considered based on the skills of the applicant and the needs of the organisation.

How long are internships?

Internships range from six weeks to six months. Extensions past six months will be considered, depending on the intern’s performance and the organisation’s needs.

Are interns paid?

No, but lunch and daily travel within London will be covered.

Housing and Amenities

Is housing provided?


Am I required to be vegan?

Out of respect for animals and the work that PETA does, all interns are required to be vegan while on PETA property. This includes diet (no meat, dairy products, eggs, honey or other animal by-products), personal-care items (cruelty-free and no animal by-products) and clothing (no down, fur, leather, silk or wool).

Are companion animals allowed at the office?

This is decided on a case-by-case basis.


Do interns have to find their own way to London?

Yes. Once interns have been accepted, they will be responsible for any travel expenses related to their arrival to and departure from London.

Will PETA reimburse me for my travel to and from work?

Yes. We will reimburse you for your travel expenses up to a maximum of £10 per day, provided that we receive a valid travel receipt for your journey.

Office Culture

What kind of work will I be doing as an intern?

Assignments are generally based on the needs of the organisation as well as interns’ skills and interests, and they vary by department. Opportunities include participating in grassroots activities, including demonstrations, community outreach and tabling events; conducting online research; corresponding with activists; and getting the animal rights message out through local, national and international media. Interns also do clerical work, prepare mailings and work on other projects.

What educational and training opportunities will be available?

Interns are invited to attend regular training sessions on effective advocacy, armchair and online activism, college campaigning and outreach. A tour of the PETA offices and an orientation are also scheduled to help you learn what resources are available at PETA.

How many hours a week will I work as an intern?

Interns are scheduled full-time for 40 hours each week. However, scheduling may vary by department or if an intern is on tour.

Will I be able to travel?

It is possible that interns will be able to go on tour with campaigners, depending on the events that are planned during an intern’s stay.

Does PETA provide lunches?

PETA provides interns with a free lunch Monday through Friday. Interns are responsible for buying their own food outside business hours.

Is there an office dress code?

Because of PETA’s high visibility, we strive to present a professional image. Interns should dress neatly and not wear clothes that draw attention to the messenger rather than the message. Office attire is business casual. Torn jeans, shorts and flip flops are prohibited. As an animal rights organisation, PETA does not permit the wearing of any animal products (eg, down, fur, leather, wool and silk).

Will interning help me get a job with PETA?

Although there is no guarantee that you will be offered a position if you intern, it is a great way to learn about the inner workings of the animal rights movement and the way that PETA operates on a daily basis. It also gives you a great opportunity to network with PETA staff members and demonstrate your talents and skills.