‘Dead Ostrich’ Protests Ruffle Feathers Around the World

An international wave of actions outside Hermès and Prada stores is highlighting how ostriches are butchered to make bumpy surfaced “luxury” bags.

PETA’s recent ostrich-leather exposé revealed that in South Africa, young birds are herded into slaughterhouses and have their throats slit at facilities that supply skins to Prada, Hermès and other fashion houses. These pockmarked skins are then used to make bags, such as the Birkin bag, that can sell for thousands of pounds. But nobody needs to wear ostrich skin – apart from an ostrich.

Now, outrage against the cruel killing of these sensitive, intelligent birds is growing. Scroll down to see photos from protests that have been taking place in cities around the globe. And take action against this vile industry.

The Netherlands – P.C. Hoofstraat, Amsterdam, 11 May

Ireland – Grafton Street, Dublin, 21 April

The Hermès window at Brown Thomas was the focus of our protest in Ireland.

Malaysia – Pavilion Shopping Mall, Kuala Lumpur, 19 April

Kuala Lumpur Ostrich Demo

This multi-lingual protest caused a stir in one of Kuala Lumpur’s swankiest shopping districts.

Denmark – Østergade, Copenhagen, 13 April

Protest in Copenhagen against cruel ostrich slaughter

We teamed up with Danish group Anima for this striking protest in Copenhagen.

United Kingdom – New Bond Street, London 31 March

Hermes Ostrich Demo Protest

A trio of protesters – one draped in a striking “dead ostrich” dress – drew a crowd outside Hermès’ flagship London store.

Canada – Alberni Street, Vancouver, 11 March

Canada Ostrich Demo Prada

Some surprise visitors made an appearance at the grand opening of Prada’s high-profile new store in Vancouver.