Every year, the streets of Pamplona, Spain, are stained red with the blood of terrified bulls. As part of the annual San Fermín festival, the bulls pursued through the city among a noisy, chaotic crowd – made up mostly of drunken tourists – at the infamous Running of the Bulls. The same animals – 48 of them – will later be stabbed to death in the city’s bullring.

But for the last 14 years, something else has also been happening in Pamplona every July. Kind people from every corner of Spain as well as from many other countries have been coming together to speak out against the cruelty and take part in a hard-hitting demonstration that makes headlines all around the world. In fact, heading to Pamplona to protest has become a tradition in itself, and it’s a compassionate alternative to the gruesome “festivities” later in the week.

This year, we were in Pamplona again with Spanish group AnimaNaturalis making some noise for animals.

More than 100 protesters lay in the street in front of the bullring, wearing little more than bodypaint, to create a “river of blood” to remind the world of how animals are massacred in the ring every year.

Watch this space for updates! And take action for bulls by signing our petition to the Mayor of Pamplona.

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