Ahead of the government’s free vote on whether to amend the Hunting Act 2004 – which could once again make it legal to hunt terrified wild animals with packs of dogs – we’ve joined forces with the League Against Cruel Sports, Humane Society International, Save Me, the RSPCA, LUSH and others to form Team Fox.

Team Fox is a coalition of organisations determined to oppose any attempt to bring back cruel fox hunting, stag hunting and other blood sports. And we’re backed by the vast majority of UK citizens – in a recent survey, eight out of 10 people said that they support the ban on fox hunting.

Compassionate people all over the country are getting involved in the campaign by writing to their MPs, speaking out online and coming to protest in person. On 14 July, the day before the planned vote in the House of Commons, we held a peaceful rally outside Parliament to speak out for Britain’s wildlife. On the same day, the government announced that it was shelving the vote.

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Tens of thousands of people have sent messages to their MPs urging them to vote against weakening the Hunting Act. Join them here.