Victory – for Now – as Fox Hunting Vote Is Shelved

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Today, hundreds of compassionate people outside Parliament protested against plans to bring back fox hunting.

Fox Hunting Protest July 2015_miniAnd just as our rally – which brought together Save Me Trust, PETA, the RSPCA, the League Against Cruel Sports, Born Free, LUSH and Humane Society International and others, as well as rock legend Brian May – was getting underway, we heard the news that the government has cancelled tomorrow’s free vote on amending the Hunting Act!

Fox Hunting Protest Brian May_miniThis is huge, and shows that our voices are being heard. In addition to the crowd that turned out in Westminster today, tens of thousands of people, from every constituency in the country, have written to their MPs urging them to vote against any plans to weaken the hunting ban. Thank you to everyone who has taken action so far.

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The cancelled vote threatened to overturn a ban on hunting with more than two dogs – a decision that would doom countless animals to the terror of long, exhausting chases that typically end only when they’ve been torn apart. Claims that the vote was to bring England and Wales in line with Scotland are now defunct, given that MSPs are calling on Holyrood to amend Scottish hunting legislation to limit hunting to two dogs.

“Hunters are a minority who like to make animals suffer in the name of ‘sport’. They don’t represent the countryside.”

– Tom Quinn, League Against Cruel Sports

Today’s postponement is worthy of celebration. But the campaign isn’t over yet. We’re now calling on the government to cancel the vote altogether and accept that cruel intentions have been rejected by the public. Politicians must not play games with Britain’s animals. With your help, we will continue to campaign against any weakening of these laws. As Brian May said when he addressed the crowd, “We’ve won the battle but not the war”.

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