10 Exciting New Launches for Vegans to Look Forward To in 2018

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2018 is already a phenomenal year for vegans, as a huge variety of new products has hit stores and restaurants – and the good times are just beginning. Here are 10 more things to look forward to this year:

  1. Sicilian Lemon “Cheesecake” at Bella Italia

    Restaurant chains are getting more adventurous with their vegan desserts, and Bella Italia has just upped its game with this delicious lemon “cheesecake”. Featuring a crunchy biscuit base with a smooth, silky filling and a zesty lemon topping, this tempting treat is available at over 90 branches across the UK.

  2. More Options at Major Coffee Chains

    Hungry vegans on the go can now enjoy a Falafel & Avocado wrap with pesto and rocket from Caffè Nero. Costa will be adding a Jam Oaty Bake to its menu this month and a Three Bean Wrap in May.

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  3. Cookbooks From BOSH! and Wicked Healthy

    If you’re looking for some inspiration in the kitchen, social media sensations BOSH! and Wicked Healthy – the mastermind chefs behind Tesco’s hugely popular Wicked Kitchen range – both have mouth-watering cookbooks coming out soon.

  4. IKEA’s Vegan Hot Dog

    No trip to IKEA is complete without stopping by the restaurant, and this August, the popular vegan meatballs will be joined by another exciting addition: a vegan hot dog!

  5. Vegan Chorizo Pizza at Firezza

    With vegan cheese now readily available at most major pizza chains, vegan meats could be next. London-based chain Firezza has just launched a new Vegano Chorizo pizza, featuring vegan chorizo, tomato sauce, vegan cheese, sweet red peppers, and wild rocket leaves.

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  6. Frozen Pizza From Goodfella’s

    If you’re looking for a pizza you can cook at home, Goodfella’s has you covered – the company is launching a frozen vegan pizza this month, featuring falafel, houmous, peppers, spinach, and a spicy harissa sauce.

  7. Chilled Coffee From Alpro

    Following the recent explosion in popularity of plant-based milks, Alpro is getting creative with a new range of chilled coffees, called Alpro Caffè, which includes Coffee and Soya Caramel and Coffee and Hazelnut flavours.

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  8. “Bleeding” Burgers

    Although the full details aren’t yet known, Beyond Meat’s famously realistic Beyond Burger – which “bleeds” beetroot juice – is scheduled to hit the UK sometime this year. Meanwhile, Moving Mountains’ “bleeding” B12 Burger is currently available exclusively at Mildreds Dalston in London and should soon reach other eateries across the country.

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    And if you’re looking for a “bleeding” burger at the supermarket, Iceland will be launching its No Bull burger – made with soya protein coloured with beetroot – at the start of April.

  9. Viegan’s Tigernut Drink

    If you’re looking for a new plant milk to try, you’re in luck! Viegan – one of PETA’s Business Friends – is launching its new Tigernut Drink later this month. Contrary to its name, the tiger nut is a vegetable rather than a nut, and it makes for a deliciously creamy drink.

  10. A Deluxe Vegan Menu at Vintage Inns

    Vintage Inns – a huge nationwide chain of nearly 200 pubs and inns – has just launched an extensive new vegan menu, including three starters, several mains, and four delicious desserts.

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