10K Killed Every Day in UK Laboratories

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Each July sees the release of the depressing official figures for the number of animals used in laboratories in the UK. After last year’s slight dip, the statistics this year (for 2010) show a shameful but sadly predictable rise in the number of animals subjected to experiments in the UK. That total now stands at 3,642,517 animals (in other words, almost 10,000 animals per day!)

Cats could lose their special protection, leading to more suffering

Cats could lose their special protection, leading to more suffering

Almost every single one of those animals will have been killed – either as part of the experiment, after it was over, or as a result of its effects – and this relentless massacre was all hidden away from public view.  Last year, the Coalition Government pledged to “work to reduce” the number of animals in experiments, but right now, the Home Office is quietly consulting on stripping back some of the meagre protections that animals in laboratories currently have in the UK, as it amends our laws to reflect a new EU directive.

These figures should be a 120-decibel wake-up call to the public and the ministers who claim to represent them, especially when a leading Dutch university has just this week announced that it has been able to cut animal tests by more than a third in the last five years, with no fall in scientific productivity.

Please let the government know that enough is enough. Take just a minute or two to respond to the public consultation on amending the law to ensure that ministers are left in no doubt that the public will not accept further reduction of the already minimal protections that animals in UK laboratories currently have.