14 Videos That Will Inspire You to Go Vegan This Veganuary

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DRM_ShieffBTS_HR-DSCF2076Inspiring, educational or heartbreaking … these must-see videos will all make you reflect seriously about what (or who) you’re eating.

  1. Labels vs. reality – find out the truth about “home-grown”, “free-range” and so-called “high-welfare” meat.
  2. Do more than survive! Vegan free runner Tim Shieff showcases the breathtaking power of kindness.
  3. Many people don’t realise that the dairy industry is just as cruel as the meat trade. Hollywood mum Emily Deschanel sets them right.
  4. You might want to have some tissues nearby for this one. Paul McCartney narrates this deeply shocking exposé of how animals are treated by the food industry.
  5. If you made it through the last video, you’re probably in need of some light relief. This cheeky ad should do the trick.
  6. Man U football legend Phil Neville shares why he gave meat the red card – and has never felt better!
  7. Umm, is your breakfast trying to tell you something?
  8. For environmentalists, animal agriculture is often the elephant in the room. Find out why meat’s not green.
  9. Fashion legend Dame Vivienne tells you why she ditched meat – while dressed fetchingly in a shower cap!
  10. Are you brave enough to take this cartoon journey through a slaughterhouse?
  11. What do vegans eat? A handy summary from reggae artist Macka B.
  12. A 30-second insight into the experience of fish – featuring a star turn from vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix.
  13. The violence depicted in Game of Thrones is nothing compared to what happens on factory farms, as veggie Peter Dinklage explains.
  14. Finally, another rather naughty video made by Fallon, highlighting one of the more unexpected upsides of going vegan.


We hope these videos have left you at least veg-curious. Veganuary is the ideal time for positive change – and the perfect occasion to try out a plant-based diet for 30 days. Sign our pledge here:

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