20,000 More People Call on Sweden to End Delay and Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

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PETA and Swedish animal rights group Djurens Rätt descended on Parliament in Stockholm today to hand over a 20,000-signature petition urging the government to ban wild animals in circuses.


The signatures are in addition to the 155,000 that Djurens Rätt submitted with another petition earlier this year. The groups are urging the government to implement a ban on wild animals in circuses immediately and not to wait for the postponed animal-protection law.

The petition was received by politicians who support the cause and spoke out for animals, including the following:

  • Elin Lundgren, MP: “Wild animals shouldn’t be forced to entertain us. It is outdated and without empathy.”
  • Carl Schlyter, MP: “Life has room for play, curiosity, and doing funny and silly things. But all this is stolen from wild animals when they are forced to perform at a circus. Not only have we robbed them of their freedom, we have also stolen their dignity. It must end, now!”
  • Jens Holm, MEP: “Animals do not belong in the circus! Forcing animals to make tricks [is] obsolete and should be banned. Circuses are great fun, but leave the animals out of it!”

circus elephant laying downFilming for Liberation

Wild animals in circuses, such as elephants and sea lions, are often torn away from their mothers as babies and confined to filthy cages or boxcars for up to 23 hours a day. They are forced to perform tricks under the threat of physical violence, and they commonly suffer from chronic health problems as well as psychological disorders before finally dying prematurely.

Every day that the legislation is delayed is another day of misery for animals. We’re urging the Swedish government to ban this archaic spectacle immediately. For the sake of these animals, the show must not go on.

You Can Help

  • In England and Wales, Prime Minister Theresa May has the chance to outlaw wild-animal performances. Please join the campaign and ask her to outlaw unethical and archaic animal performances.
  • If circuses visit your town, contact your local authority and urge it to introduce a motion to keep cruel animal performances off public land. Find your councillors’ contact details here (if you live in Ireland) or here (if you live in the UK).
  • Ask your friends and family to visit only animal-free circuses such as the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil, where they can marvel at the antics of clowns and acrobats who have chosen to become entertainers – which is far more fun than watching abused animals who are forced to perform against their will.