And the 2016 Great Vegan Bake-Off Winner Is …

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The 2016 Great Vegan Bake-Off invited bakers from all backgrounds to put their skills to the test and share with us their favourite vegan creations. But there could be only one winner.


Congratulations, Maisie Stedman of! Her Great British Lemon Meringue Show Stopper cake won PETA’s contest for the best vegan baked goods in the UK.

The Newcastle upon Tyne blogger’s decadent lemon meringue cake made our stomachs rumble. The addition of the innovative new ingredient aquafaba (chickpea water) is both unexpected and inspired, and her easy-to-follow recipe shows just how simple vegan baking can be.

Vegan baking is a great way to impress both friends and family with delicious cruelty-free food. Eggs and dairy foods take their toll on overworked chickens and cows, but it’s easy to replace them with vegan ingredients that taste even better and are healthier, too.

Eggs and dairy foods – which contain cholesterol and saturated fat – contribute to many of the UK’s top killers, including heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer. It’s not surprising that more and more Brits are leaving them out of their meals.

Check out the recipe for Maisie’s cake and try vegan baking for yourself!


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