5 Reasons Why Going Vegan Needs to Be Your New Year’s Resolution

Posted by on December 15, 2015 | Permalink

Make 2016 the year you embrace a kinder, greener way of eating. Here are just a few reasons to take the plunge.

1. These cuties.

Farm Animals Collage No BorderAnimals are beautiful, interesting, intelligent, sensitive and unique. They’re not dinner.

2. A fitter, healthier you.

Rich Roll - healthy strong fit veganWeight loss – tick. Lower risk of developing heart disease – tick. Clearer skin – tick. Increased sense of well-being and total absence of guilt about what you’re eating – tick!

3. Deliciousness.

Vegan Food Collage squareVegan food is tasty food. Don’t believe us? Sample a few of these stunning recipes.

4. The planet.

Planet CC0Stopping climate change is a pretty major priority for the human race right now – and the UN says we can do it by going vegan, because factory farming is wrecking our environment.

5. Non-violence.

Gandhi CC0 textYou believe in social justice, freedom, equality, respecting others and acting with compassion, right? Well, here’s your chance to start putting those principles into practice on a daily basis.


All geared up for a vegan 2016? Here’s how to get started: