A Flying Visit to Cheer Up Britain’s Unhappiest Town

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The scene: a typically grey day in mid-January, in what a government survey named the “Unhappiest Town” in the UK. Things were looking gloomy in Blackpool – that is, until two smiley vegans appeared to encourage locals to brighten up.

Jump for Joy: Go Vegan

PETA volunteers Scarlett and Rebecca, dressed as lovely “Lettuce Ladies”, braved the winter chill in order to get their positive message across.

PETA Blue Monday Demo Blackpool

Today is “Blue Monday” – which, depending on whom you ask, is either the most depressing day of the year or just a made-up date on the calendar. One thing is for sure, though. Whether you live in Blackpool or Brazil, thinking about the constant nightmare for animals on factory farms – from mutilation and severe crowding to disease and a terrifying death – really is depressing.

Logic tells us that people who take action against the cruel system, by refusing to participate in it, have got to feel better about themselves, and that’s backed up by a recent study published in Nutrition Journal which confirmed that switching to meat-free meals can boost your mood and make you happier.

In the first study of its kind, omnivores – whose diets are high in arachidonic acid, which can disturb mood – reported significantly worse moods than vegetarians. And of course, multiple studies have confirmed that vegetarians and vegans are less prone to obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes and strokes than meat-eaters are – and that’s got to be good news for anyone!

As Rebecca says, “With all the delicious, healthy and humane vegan meals available in today’s restaurants and grocery stores, it’s the perfect time to go vegan and improve your health – and your mood – by leaps and bounds”.

Chase away the winter blues – and help animals at the same time – by taking our 30-Day Vegan Pledge today!