A Message to Moscow: Throw Fur Out!

Posted by on February 6, 2014 | Permalink

A new year offers new opportunities to take our campaign against fur to the country that buys more of it than any other in the world: Russia.

PETA’s hard-hitting billboards have gone up across Moscow, each one graphically illustrating how many animals are killed just to make one fur coat. The writing on the ad roughly translates as “Try telling this beautiful animal he is just a piece of a fur coat.”

Moscow Mink PETA Moscow mink billboard with Olga Shelest

Well-known model and TV presenter Olga Shelest (who is also vegan) is the face of the campaign. “My philosophy is to live my life without leaving a blood imprint on this planet”, Olga explained. “I will never wear fur, because it’s made from someone, not something.” We agree 100 per cent!

Animals on fur farms endure lives filled with pain and fear before they are killed in horrific ways – and many of them are skinned alive. In China, now the world’s biggest exporter of fur, more than 2 million cats and dogs are killed every year for their skin. PETA US has created a Russian-language website showing the intense cruelty of the fur industry.

This week, lovely PETA “bunnies” also paid a visit to the city of Sochi, site of the 2014 Winter Olympics, in order to highlight the suffering of animals who are slaughtered for their skins. One step at a time, we’re determined that Russia’s 145 million citizens will understand the appalling cruelty that lies behind garments made from animal skins – and ditch them for good!